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September 9, 2021 - Say It

Praise is a form of complimenting and congratulating another for his or her efforts, which can revitalize the soul. Honest and genuine praise lifts, motivates, provides a sense of approval, and gives honor to and acceptance of a person’s worth and performance.

Ed J. Pinegar, " Give Them P.I.E", Deseret Book 2021

The older I get, the less self-absorbed I become (that's the plan anyway). I try to see life through the eyes of another person. In some cases, though, I'm still only focused on myself, which I am trying to get over.

Other people around you (rhetorically) want to know that they are doing good. That they are winning the battle. It's impossible to know what another person is going through. I mean completely know....feelings, pain, heartache, sorrow, regret, even joy, happiness, and victory. But, regardless, it's nice to hear that someone else recognizes your efforts, your struggles, your challenges, and your wins, and your joys.

In fact, noticing and expressing that recognition of another's fight may very well be the difference in another's life of them smiling instead of crying, or even worse. We just never know. Heavenly Father uses us as instruments to help another, most, if not all of the time.

Many, many times, others put on a mask to hide what they are going through. I do it. We all do it. But noticing the little details, the subtle clues in someone's life makes all the difference.

Noticing is one thing, but actually saying it is another.

So, next time you feel inspired to compliment someone else, act on it. Don't wait. Heavenly Father is the one inspiring you. That's one way He helps His children....through others.

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