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September 9, 2020 - Buckets full

You and I happen to live in the time that Moroni said was “about to be”—a time when the Spirit could and would be poured out—buckets full—on everyone. Young, old, women, and men from every nation and walk of life could experience the wonders of the Spirit.

David Butler, "Spirit: The Gift That Connects You To Heaven", Deseret Book 2020

Take a few minutes and just think about this. We live in a time now that all the prophets of old have not only written about, but have seen, in vision. First of all, how strange that would've been for see cars, airplanes, skyscrapers, etc. I wonder if their minds were opened a bit so they understand these things.

Secondly, ponder that a bit. The culmination of the very existence of life on this earth has come down to now. We are close to the end. It has been foretold, recorded, and seen. Everyone who has ever lived is looking at us with admiration and reverence. They know we are close but they also know we have the pleasure of being here now, on this earth, to usher in the Second Coming. We will forever be revered for being on earth in the end. We are so blessed to be here now.

Life now is so chock full of challenges and obstacles, greater than ever before. But it is also chock full of the richest blessings and the Lord's power, greater than ever before. And YOU have a part to play in this Plan. What part that is, is between you and Heavenly Father.

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