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September 7, 2020 - Even if you stand alone

Satan would like us to believe that we are not responsible in this life. That is the result he tried to achieve by his contest in the premortal existence. A person who insists that he is not responsible for the exercise of his free agency because he was “born that way” is trying to ignore the outcome of the War in Heaven. We are responsible, and if we argue otherwise, our efforts become part of the propaganda effort of the adversary.

President Dallin H. Oaks, "Free Agency and Freedom", BYU Speeches, October 11, 1987

We see the adversary's propaganda EVERYWHERE in today's world. Nobody is taking responsibility for their actions. They want to point the finger and put the responsibility on someone or something else. That does not work and will not work, ever.

Instead of changing or strengthening their own character to a higher level in order to change their environment...we see people wanting to change their environment by forcing others to lower their character and morals.

Civility in society exists because of morals and righteousness, the light of Christ. That's what's holding society together. If you try to forcefully remove that (i.e., morals and righteousness), you are left with civil unrest and chaos. We are seeing unrest and chaos today. Coincidence?

We know that there has to be opposition in order to have righteousness...the more opposition, the more righteousness. The more evil there is, the more good there is. So, there are only two sides. It stands to reason then that if we aren't actively heading towards stronger morals and character, we are heading in the opposite direction.

Stand up for truth and light, for morals and righteousness, even if you stand alone. Don't give in to societal peer pressure of our PC culture. We can be sensitive to the feelings of others but we must not change our beliefs, or, even worse, lower our morals so as not to offend someone else.

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