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September 4, 2021 - Inspiration

One of the highest evidences of a truly religious nature is the sincerity of life that characterizes it. It is also that quality of the human soul which gives zeal to missionary life and makes the testimony borne carry conviction to the hearts of others. The sincerity of Wilford Wodruff never left any room for doubt as to his convictions upon everything which he advocated.

Matthias F. Cowley, "Wilford Woodruff - History of His Life and Labors"

I very often wonder what kind of legacy I'm going to leave on this earth, in the minds of those who knew me well. How will I be remembered? The older I get, the more thoughts such as this get impressed upon my mind.

Here I am reading about my great great great grandfather, Wilford Woodruff, and the kind of life he lived. Wow, how can I NOT feel so inadequate? I know I shouldn't compare my life with another and it's not about comparing. It's about living up to my potential, living up to who I MUST be. Wilford Woodruff is a source of inspiration, personal to me because I have a direct connection to him. His blood flows through my veins.

So how will I be remembered?

Two thoughts come to, is that it is never too late to start leaving the legacy you want, the legacy I want to leave. It is never too late to start becoming the person I am meant to be. So what if it takes the rest of my life to travel 100 feet forward along the path. My legacy won't be where I am on the path, I don't want it to be, but, rather, how I am moving forward... how I am trying to NOT let this life beat me.

And, two, it is never wrong to want to emulate characteristics of others who are a bit more Christlike in those characteristics than I am. That's why they come into your life in the first place, to help you, to help me, rise to another level. However, there could potentially be a downside to this. Sometimes, I can see others farther ahead of me on the path and think that I'll never get there. Its just too overwhelming. That's not Christ making me feel like that. So, I must be careful to not let those feelings in.

It has always been "little by little", not all at once.

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