September 30, 2020 - Descended below all things!

6 He that ascended up on high, as also he descended below all things, in that he comprehended all things, that he might be in all and through all things, the light of truth;

D&C 88:6

This physical disability, if you will, that I have is causing some mental struggles for me as well. To go from being able to do certain things, even things I took for granted... to not being able to do certain things has taken a toll on my confidence. It severely has put a damper on my motivation. Which brings me to my thought today.

Since Christ descended below all things, we know that He understands when I go through a lack of motivation, or even depression. But we also know Christ didn't walk around depressed. He didn't stay at home, sitting on His straw and cow hide sofa not wanting to get up and move. So, then, how come these mental issues didn't affect Him when He descended below them? Or maybe they did for a short time...part of the reason He sweat blood.

When Christ descended below all things, He had already gone through His "grace for grace" education so He was already near perfect except His immortal body. I wonder, though, how that worked with His mind, His mental fortitude. Was that part fully developed through His grace for grace education too? Or, was it still not perfect because of His mortality? The brain is part of the physical body afterall, but the mind is not. Food for thought.

We also know Christ suffered through temptations of every kind but never succumbed to them. Was it the same with the mental issues He experienced, that are so prevalent today? He just didn't succumb ever. And what does that mean for us, for me? Am I succumbing somehow and that's why I have a lack of motivation? Or is it truly a chemical imbalance? Or a combination of the two?

But what I do know, and what I trust in, is that He knows what I go through. I don't know how He knows. One day I will know how. But for now, the only thing that matters is that He knows. And, because He knows, He knows how to help me. I just have to ask for that help.

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