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September 29, 2021 - Don't Get Burned

We will try and fail, and we will try and fail again. That is the mortal experiment: to try and fail in the community of our Heavenly Parents and their human children.

Samuel M. Brown, "Where The Soul Hungers", Deseret Book 2021

The Plan of Salvation is simple in theory. Very simple. But it's not so simple in practice.

We are in the 2nd estate, or 2nd phase, of the Plan of Salvation. We successfully passed the 1st estate and followed the Savior, otherwise we wouldn't be here. Here we are to learn to put the spirit above the body, meaning we have to learn to NOT give in to our physical appetites.

We will stumble, we will fall. We will stumble again and we will fall again. It's not a question of "if", but rather "when". Every single one of us stumbles and falls at times, sometimes all the time. And eternal justice says that you must pay a price. If you play with fire, you will get burned. It's cause and effect....simple as that. You sow a seed, you reap that fruit. You can't plant tomatoes but then harvest watermelon. It's an eternal law. There's no way around it. Justice must be paid.

And our Father knew we would fall, many times. He provided a way so that justice would be satisfied, and we wouldn't have to pay that price, and we wouldn't be doomed to that fate, or that we wouldn't get burned because we played with fire. Jesus Christ payed that price to satisfy the law of justice for us. He took on the pain and agony of the fire, so to speak, so we wouldn't have to....but there's a condition. He didn't pay that price as a free gift to us, with nothing to do on our part. No, He requires that we try to overcome those physical appetites and desires. And the only way to do that is try to be like Him. He is waiting to help us get there.

He is handing us a gift, but we have to reach out and grab it.

We have our free agency. We can make whatever choices we want. But..there are consequences to those choices.

So, when we make wrong choices, there are only two options: we get burned and suffer the penalties demanded from the eternal law of justice. Or, we submit to Christ's will and accept Him and what He did in paying that price for us. That's it. We have no other options.

But, we can't just fall, repent, and go on making the same choices. We need to improve, get better, and move forward each time we mess up. That's the only way His sacrifice works on our behalf.

That's the reason we are here.

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