September 29, 2020 - Trudging through

[W]e are in a position to make more effective contributions of both our time and our money toward strengthening and enlarging the Restoration because of advantages uniquely available to us.... There has never been a time when the investment of those time and money resources can yield such immense returns.
And that’s our job. That’s our counterpart to pulling a handcart or giving as did my grandfather’s family their entire family savings to finish the Salt Lake Temple. We prepare ourselves to serve, and then we serve willingly and faithfully. We live the gospel: school ourselves and our families in the importance of prayer, missionary, and other Church service; pay our tithing; and offer complete loyalty to the Lord’s chosen leaders.

Rex E. Lee, "Your Time on Earth: When Would You Have Chosen to Come?", BYU Speeches, January 24, 1995

When I think of the pioneers way back when, I think of how physically difficult life for them was. They also went through spiritual, faith building experiences, but a lot was physical hardship. I don't know if I could've handled that.

I also realize that we, of this last dispensation, will go through difficult times too, but not so much physically traumatic as it will be spiritually traumatic. Will it be one, or a couple, traumatic, difficult events? Sometimes I think that something major is going to happen to try our faith. But, then I think that it is a gradual, line upon line, process, and not a single event that will test us.

The more I ponder this, the more I realize that we are smack dab in the middle of our "trek westward". We are having our faith tried right now. We are being sifted right now. I can see it all around me. Am I going to go the way of the world? Or the way of Christ and His gospel? What direction will my family go? Have I been doing enough to support them in choosing Christ? Am I doing enough for my own salvation? Am I sufficiently humble or too selfish? These are questions that I ask myself now, frequently.

Each commandment we keep at each moment of decision adds a drop of oil to our lamps. Each time we pay tithing adds a drop of oil. Each time we serve someone else adds a drop of oil. Each time we choose good over evil, or good over not-so-good, adds a drop to our lamps. Each time we read the words of God, adds a drop. Each time we live those words, adds a drop. Etc., etc.

Our lamps are constantly burning, constantly using up our oil. So we need to be constantly replenishing the oil supplies.

The Bridegroom is coming soon. How soon we know not. But, we must be ready! We cannot fill our lamps in one single pour or fell swoop, only drop by drop. So, we will be wise to make sure they're filled now. That is our spiritual "year supply".

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