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September 25, 2020 - Personal Liahona

Our testimonies can be strengthened and fortified and our lives given greater purpose every time we read and reread our patriarchal blessings. By their very nature, all blessings are qualified and conditional, regardless of whether the blessing specifically spells out the qualification or not. Each blessing is absolutely qualified and given upon the condition of the faithfulness of the recipient of the blessing.

Elder James E. Faust, "Patriarchal Blessings", BYU Speeches, March 30, 1980

Reading the scriptures and the words of the modern servants of God are constantly being ingrained into our minds. We know we need to read the words of God. That is how we navigate this dark and dreary world. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the constant reminders.

But, because of that, I often neglect to read frequently, my own patriarchal blessing. That, too, is the words of God. Only, He's not talking to everyone....He's talking just to me. That blessing is my very own own compass through this mortal world, and beyond.

Now, one thing I've learned is that just because my blessing promises something, doesn't mean it's going to happen in this life. And, also, just because something isn't promised in my blessing, doesn't mean it won't happen in this life. That is why we need constant personal revelation every day.

I've mentioned previously that memorizing my blessing is a goal of mine. Granted, it's an ongoing goal because my blessing is about 12 paragraphs long. It's taking some time to memorize. I need to get to a point where I can recite the words, even after not reciting them for some time.

The reason I want to do this is simple. Because I can't take anything tangible with me after this life. But I can take what I know. Now, I'm not sure exactly what I'll suddenly recall since the veil is lifted but I figure it won't hurt to memorize it.

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