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September 24, 2020 - Be the person you need

[T]here are times in our lives when it is very difficult to smile and especially to laugh. There are periods of anguish and suffering when only the gospel perspective brings us comfort as it reminds us of those eternal things that really matter. All of us have had such times in one way or another and will continue to have them in the future. It is part of God’s plan for us. Smiles can come to us, however, as we recall many fond memories of good times, love shared, blessings received, and the knowledge of the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sharon G. Samuelson, "Shall I Laugh or Shall I Cry?", BYU Speeches, September 10, 2013

Life is hard. There are things that we go through that nobody can empathize with because they're aren't feeling the exact same way. Suffering is different for everyone. No one understands exactly....except One.

There are only two ways we can handle everything that comes to us. One, we can feel sorry for ourselves, live with a frown on our face, a face disfigured to let others know we are suffering. We can complain, gripe, criticize those around us, pout, even cry. Truth be told, nobody wants to be in the presence of someone like that.

Crying is good though. For a bit. Not all the time though. It sometimes helps us to start a refresh and buck up to start battling again.

Two, or the other way we can look at trying times, is to put a smile on our face (after crying, of course). When others see that smile, they smile too. And maybe they need it in their lives because they are, too, struggling with something. Focus on someone else, especially Christ, and not on our own difficulties. One way we can serve others.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are legitimate mental issues that one just simply cannot put a smiling face on to fix. In those situations, we need Christ more than ever. Trust Him.

Point is, every single person goes through something. That something may seem not very intense to those looking in, but it can be completely devastating to the one going through it. Maybe a smiling, friendly face is exactly what you need to feel better.

So, be that smiling, friendly face to someone else so they can feel better. Remember, when you serve others, you are serving God.

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