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September 22, 2020 - Until it fell upon me

In order for any person to come into the presence of God, he or she must be changed, spiritually lifted, transfigured. . . . Fourteen-year-old Joseph Smith was transfigured in order to be able to remain in God’s presence.

Robert L. Millet, "I Saw A Pillar of Light", Deseret Book. 2020

It's always been interesting to me that we cannot, by shear physics alone, be in the presence of Heavenly Father without our body being changed to handle it. That tells you the pure power around Him. At that's just His presence. What commanding power. What awe!

You see the contrast quite easily in the power of the adversary. And he's still powerful, don't get me wrong. We surrender our free agency to him a lot. So, he must be powerful in some way. Joseph Smith felt that power in the First Vision.

We feel Satan's influence every day, in normal life. But we don't need to be transfigured for him to be in our presence. If he wanted to show up, we wouldn't even know it. Now, we will probably feel a dark feeling if he did so we might know it.

Think about that. To see Heavenly Father and abide with Him, we need to be changed. If He wanted to present Himself to us, we would definitely know it. Nothing would distract our attention. Nothing would even mean anything. Only Him being there with us is all that matters.

We would feel His power definitely, but we would also feel immense love and compassion. Not how we as mortals describe it. Not in the way an earthly parent loves their child, which is unconditional and already powerful. But, it would be a love we never have felt before here in mortality. Occasionally, through revelation, we might feel some of that love, but not all at once and not in His presence.

We would give up everything just to know Him. Nothing else would matter. So why does everything else matter right now when He is not in our presence?

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