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September 21, 2021 - The Journey is Rough

We may not ever be free from pain. We certainly won’t be free from problems. We won’t always have bright, sunny days. Sometimes money, talent, opportunity, and tempers will be short. But through all this we can be righteous! While we are waiting for help, we can try to help ourselves. While we are struggling with a problem, we can look for the chance to relieve another who faces an even greater challenge than our own. We know we can’t escape trouble, but we should do everything humanly possible to escape sin. Heaven deserves at least that much from us in gratitude for our being raised up when we are bowed down, for being upheld when we fall.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "For Times of Trouble"

It's so comforting to know that we are not alone. Sometimes I feel like I'm sitting in a wheelchair and I'm being pushed along the path when I can walk just fine. Maybe I'm tired. Maybe I'm lazy. Christ knows the difference.

He knows that when I'm tired, when I'm fatigued, when I can walk no more, He then pushes me or carries me. He knows that my heart is willing but my flesh is weak. He knows.

But then when I'm lazy and I just want to walk, He knows that too. When my heart just isn't in it, when my mind just wants to relax and be braindead, He knows. Do you think that He's going to carry me then? Most likely not, unless imminent danger abounds and He needs to move me.

Point is, He is willing and completely able to help me IF I help myself. I need to make sure my heart and mind are willing even if my flesh, my mortal body, is not able to go any further. He will push me in that wheelchair until it is no longer passable via wheelchair and then He will carry me.

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