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September 17, 2021 - Quality of Life

The quality of your life depends on the quality of your decisions.

Cheri Toolson

Lori told me this today and I thought it was very good. She heard it from a lady in our ward that says this phrase to her kids and throughout her life.

I like it because there's a lot of truth in it. It may not apply when the quality of life is downgraded through no fault on our part, like being hit with a devastating illness or disease, so please don't misunderstand. But, in my case, it may still apply, somewhat. Because I've made decisions throughout my life of what to put into my body.

There's a theory that says that from inflammation in the gut leads to a permeated intestine, which leads to food particles in the bloodstream, which leads to the body creating antibodies to fight these foreign food particles, then because those particles resemble actual legitimate protein in the body, the body ends up fighting itself thinking it's fighting foreign matter.

Phew. Anyway, the point is, decisions I've made have consequences and my affect my quality of life. Not just the physical quality of life, but spiritual too.

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