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September 17, 2020 - Eternal Life = 3,464,836,279+ miles to go

It is relatively easy to stay on the strait and narrow path as long as traffic is light and the road is marked. All we have to do is hold the course. But, at frequent moments along the way, we meet others living their lives and exercising their free agency. Without wanting it to be so, we find their demands and expectations influencing our behavior and coloring our choices.

F. Burton Howard, "The Gift of Knowing", BYU Speeches, October 31, 1982

As I sit here and ponder this a bit. I realize that it is rather easy to be influenced by the actions and behavior of others, positively or negatively. We are mortal. We are weak, comparatively speaking. We are influenced by the company we keep. The reason behind that influence comes from one of two sources.

Every single thing we do, or don't do, as it were, comes from either of those sources in some way. Be it direct influence from the source, or, most often, by a 3rd party, meaning, those around us.

Heavenly Father answers prayers by inspiring someone else to act in a way that benefits us somehow. It's one way of Him blessing us. Actually, it's how He blesses the giver as well as the givee.

Don't you think that Satan tries to do the same thing?? But instead of lifting us up, he wants to tear us down. So, he uses his influence to get someone else to negatively impact us in some way. Which, in turn, loads up the straight and narrow with traffic. And that traffic isn't even heading in the same direction.

So, two things come to mind here. One, be the vessel where Heavenly Father can use you to bless the life of someone else, to answer their prayers through you. Let Him know you can be trusted to do so.

And, two, be the exact type of person that you yourself want to be around. To be happy, outgoing, and need to hang around happy, outgoing, and positive people. Be that for someone else. If you're battling, struggling, and barely keeping your head above water....I guarantee the person next to you is doing the same thing. So, be a smiling face for them.

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