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September 15, 2020 - Action + Grace

Grace is the power by which healing occurs. In every aspect of His mortal and postmortal ministry, Christ went about healing all manner of afflictions. His part is to be our atoning Savior, and our part is to be courageous enough to act. He then provides the grace and healing. However, sometimes we may not appreciate the manifestations of His grace because healing blessings do not always come in the form we ask. Sometimes His grace is made manifest by letting us sit and struggle with an issue. Again, our Heavenly Father and Savior are more interested in our growth and progression than in our comfort and convenience. Moments of struggle often bring the greatest growth.

Johnathan G. Sandberg, "Healing = Courage + Action + Grace", BYU Speeches, January 21, 2014

I loved this talk. In it, he talks about how there are two parts to healing; us having the courage to act and then acting, and Christ providing His grace. That is how we heal. Courage + Action + Grace = Healing.

Courage to act doesn't mean you go running into a burning building to save someone, although that is ultimate courage. Courage can be as simple as praying when you don't feel like it or think they aren't doing any good... yet....doing them anyway. Courage can be as simple as standing up for truth even though that puts you in the minority and therefore not fitting in with the crowd. Simple....but hard to do. By the way....that is exactly what integrity is: making your private and public lives congruent.

Courage then leads you to action. Action is the intersection where belief turns into faith. Praying when you don't want to. Standing up when you will be mocked. Living Christ-like when you are all alone and nobody can see you. Acting for ourselves and not be acted upon. In other words, using our agency to do good, correct, the right things, and not let Satan act upon us and steal away our agency.

Acting in courage opens the door then to the grace of Christ. His grace is sufficient for anything we are going through. We just have to open the door. Having the courage to grab the door handle and acting by pulling open the door. As it opens, Christ provides His grace.

With that, healing happens. Whatever we are dealing with, healing happens. May not be right away. His grace may be to let us grow still some more, but healing will happen. The formula is simple. Putting it into practice less so. But the result is tremendous. It is awesome.

Courage + Action + Grace = Healing!

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