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September 14, 2020 - How can I get through this?

Look backward, remembering that you proved your worthiness in your premortal state. You are a valiant child of God, and with His help, you can triumph in the battles of this fallen world. You have done it before, and you can do it again.
Look forward. Your troubles and sorrows are very real, but they will not last forever. Your dark night will pass, because “the Son … [did rise] with healing in his wings.

Elder Neil L. Andersen, "Wounded", General Conference, October 2018

Everyone who is ever born into this world kept their first estate. Meaning, we all chose to follow Christ and the Plan of Salvation. I don't remember how difficult life was in the pre-mortal world. I'm sure we had challenges and trials there too. They were just not mortal ones.

Two facts that I know. These aren't just what I believe either. These are as real and as tangible as the fact that you and I have a beating heart. You can't see it, but it is nonetheless REAL. So how do I know I have a heart? I've never seen it with my own eyes. The same way you know you have one too. Because without it, we know we cannot live. That is a fact.

Likewise these two facts are just as real. Without them, we cannot live.

One. We are children of God. You are a child of God, His very son or daughter. You are worth more than you can fathom. I, too, am a son of God. We all chose to be with Him. We all chose and accepted to come here to earth, get a body, however defective, and endure hardship. Yes...we knew how hard it would be. Yes...we understood what each of us would go through. Yes...we accepted those hardships. And with joy and a smiling face, I might add. Because we knew of the significance and importance of this crucial part of the plan. What we would have to endure was absolutely nothing compared to what we could gain eternally. Although it feels like all is lost now as we go through it, it will pass. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next year. Maybe not even here in mortality. But it is not forever. Heavenly Father, your very Father, cries when you cry. In fact, He cries even when you won't or can't anymore. He is elated when you are happy. I don't know how He does it with so many children, but He is aware of you! You alone! He knows you, better than you know yourself. Meaning, He knows how you are feeling better than you do, at any time. We cannot give up for that simple, yet very real reason. We told ourselves we would battle through anything. Now...we are living through exactly what we saw and accepted then.

Two. Christ is THE ONLY WAY through this life, through these hardships. We have to look to Him. We have to learn of Him first. We have to read His words to learn of Him. We may not feel like it or want to at times. We may have doubts at times. We may be weak spiritually. We may be surrounded by utter darkness that it is crushing us. In fact, we are always surrounded by darkness, but we all have the light of Christ! And as that light grows more and more, that darkness gets pushed further and further out and its crushing effect is not crushing us anymore. Until, one day, we can't feel or see the darkness any longer at all. It is gone. So, we need to increase that light. How?

Jesus, the Christ! The Son of God. The Savior of you and me. Our Brother. He is THE ONLY WAY! Learn of Him. Focus on Him.

So, as Satan tells us that it is hopeless (and many times we believe him). As he laughs at our struggles and hardships because he's planning and counting on us to give in. As he is surrounding us with darkness, in whatever form he knows that will hit us harder than others. Know this! The power of Christ is is is all-encompassing and ever-reaching. Satan is puny and anything he can do to us is temporary and weak in comparison to Christ. Alone, we cannot live through these hardships successfully. But with Christ by our side, I promise you, there is NOTHING we can't do.

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