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September 13, 2021 - Ask Him

You may feel small compared to the great sweep of what the Lord will do. If you do, I invite you to ask prayerfully how the Lord sees you. He knows you personally.

Elder Henry B. Eyring, "Bless in His Name", General Conference, April 2021

I get so focused on doing those things that bring me closer to Heavenly Father and I try to do those things that move me forward on the path that leads back to Him, but I neglect to just ask Him how He sees me, to ask Him how I'm doing. I neglect to think of how He is getting closer to me as I get closer to Him. Like He's coming to meet me instead of me just going to Him. In fact, I believe He is traveling the greater distance to come to me.

He is not arrogant in thinking He's too good to come to me and that if I want a relationship with Him, then I need to go to Him. He's not even remotely like that. He's coming to me even if I don't move towards Him, and even if I am moving away from Him.

I assume I know myself based on my knowledge and experience of what I go through and what I've gone through here on earth. I figure I know me better than anyone since I'm me, right? I am literally walking in my shoes. I am feeling what I'm feeling. So I should know me, right?


Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ know me far better than my limited knowledge of myself. They knew me eons before this earth was created. They know my eternal potential not just what I can accomplish here in mortality. They know what I need, not what I think I need. They know my character. They know my desires. And they know me name...personally.

So I need to just ask Him. He'll tell me. In fact, those moments when I'm inspired to be better....that's Him pushing me to reach my potential. He's telling me who I am already. I just need to listen.

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