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September 12, 2020 - Graduating school

Strange as it seems, we sometimes respond better to larger challenges than to the incessant small ones. For example, impatience with a spouse may occur while a more public challenge is managed quite well. One can be sincerely grateful for his major blessings but regularly murmur over minor irritations. One can have humility that is hierarchical: being humble up, but not humble down. Enduring large tests while failing the seemingly small quizzes just won’t do. Such shortcomings must be addressed if we are really serious about becoming more like Jesus.

Elder Neil A. Maxwell, "Apply the Atoning Blood of Christ", General Conference, October 1997

There seems to be a lot of irony, even hypocrisy, in society, even in the church itself. That's just part of being mortal. We all put a higher priority on those weaknesses that are more public and visible to others than we do on those that are hidden (for now anyway).

It's interesting to note the immense irony and hypocrisy that Jesus endured. Here is the Creator of the world itself, but when He came to the world to abide here, there was no place even so He could be born. He was born in a stable. Here is a Man who was sinless, yet He suffered for my sins and the sins of every single person on this earth and other earths.

He had the power to stop all of this, but He did not. He chose not to. He put the Plan of Salvation and our success higher in priority than His own desires and wants, even needs.

It is easy for us mortals to see hypocrisy in others, but are we blinded to our own hypocrisy? Do I not see my own being a hypocrite? Do I subconsciously judge the actions of others as if I am not doing them myself sometimes? I do, however, see some hypocrisy in myself though, like while I follow the letter of the law of the Word of Wisdom, I don't completely follow the principle of it. I do not take care of my physical body entirely. I eat garbage (not literal trash though 😁) and I don't exercise enough yet I see what that does to others. I see that in myself and I'm working consciously on it. But are there other things that I don't see? I'm sure there are but I'll get there.

Everyday we all are faced with taking quizzes in this classroom of life. Many times, at least for me, I don't study for those quizzes and sometimes I fail them. But I will spend a lot of time studying for the big exams in life. And most of the time I pass those....and I wonder why my grade is still a C+, maybe a B-. 😬

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