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October 6, 2020 - Ask and Act

It wasn’t enough for Joseph to want to know which church was right. He wanted to know which church he should join. Joseph yearned to know something very important, so that he could act upon that knowledge.

Robert L. Millet, "I Saw a Pillar of Light", Deseret Book 2020

How many times do we simply pray for an answer for something and not work to get that answer? As if the Lord is going to provide those answers without our resolve to act on them. We can't do some things but we can do something.

I ask that this disease be removed every day, but then shouldn't I, myself, put in the work to overcome this too, like eat better and exercise? That is just me being selfish. I want the result, but I'm not 100% willing to work for it.

Again, there are some things I can't do but there is something I can. I can't make it rain, but I can pay my tithing.

I can't ask Heavenly Father to keep my kids safe and healthy if I don't do everything in my power to keep them safe and healthy too, where I can.

Or, I can't ask the Lord to help so and so if I'm not willing to help them where I can too.

Or, I can't ask the Lord to help me answer correctly on a test if I'm not willing to study for it.

The Lord wants to see my willingness or resolve. He won't just give me the answers for this mortal exam.

Faith is a principle of action. Not a principle of desire or want. We can ask that our faith increase but we have to be willing to do the work to help it increase. Acting on answers or revelation we get is a sure way to increase faith. In other words, one way to put in the work. Then, as our faith increases, our desire to act increases, and thus our faith increases more. A beautiful cycle.

So, I will ask Heavenly Father for the courage to act when I get an answer or prompting. Or ask for the ability or motivation to put in the work in order to get that answer.

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