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October 31, 2020 - Hold fast

COVID and cancer, doubt and dismay, financial trouble and family trials. When will these burdens be lifted? The answer is “by and by.” And whether that be a short period or a long one is not always ours to say, but by the grace of God, the blessings will come to those who hold fast to the gospel of Jesus Christ. That issue was settled in a very private garden and on a very public hill in Jerusalem long ago.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "Waiting On The Lord", General Conference, October 2020

Hold fast? What does that mean exactly? Does that mean to grasp quickly? Or to hang on tightly? Or, even to just simply grab it?

I would say the answer is all of the above.

Webster's defines it as "something to which something else may be firmly secured". Or also, "an organ by which a parasitic animal attaches itself to its host".

As disciples of Christ, we need to metaphorically attach ourselves to our host, Christ and His gospel, and not let go. Afterall, are we not parasitic? Relying on Christ for survival?

Blessings will come. Burdens will be lifted. Two things we need to do in the meantime. One, be patient and wait upon the Lord and His timing. And, two, hold on to the gospel and the kingdom of God... and do not let go.

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