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October 28, 2021 - Sow Positive Seeds

We were sent from the presence of God with a specific objective: to return home to His presence. In the process, we would be tried and tested. We would have physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges that would help us grow and pro­gress. We would be given agency and the right to choose, but with the caveat that our choices have associated consequences. We cannot separate choice and accountability, much as we might try or wish—choosing one path and hoping it will lead to the destination of another. We can’t get on a plane to New York and hope to land in Hawaii.

W. Christopher Waddell, "Stay Connected: Making It Safely Home", BYU Speeches, October 12, 2021

Every negative choice we make has an associated consequence. That's an eternal law. There's no getting around that. Like Elder Waddell says, you board a plane for New York, that's where you end up. You can't wish it to take you elsewhere.

If we choose to jump off of a cliff, there's a set consequence. If we choose to steal that candy bar, there's a consequence. Consequences may not come immediately, but they will come. Law of the Harvest....we will reap what we sow.....even if it takes a bit.

But, likewise, every positive choice we make also has a blessing associated with that choice. That, too, may not come immediately, but it will come. We may spend our entire lives sowing seeds and not reap anything in this life. Chances are, though, that we will reap in this life, maybe not everything we expect, but we will reap.

So, the point is, sow positive seeds in everything, however tiny they are. Overtime, those seeds will grow. Word of caution....negative seeds will also grow.

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