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October 27, 2021 - Family

In a world filled with labels and titles, we must constantly remind ourselves that the only labels that really matter are those associated with ­family: daughter, son, brother, sister, mother, father, and so on. Any other titles are ancillary and can place us in a box that limits our divine potential. How we label ourselves often dictates how we treat and respond to others. Remembering our ­celestial parentage gives us courage and confidence to stand against dangerous decoys that may lead us to think less about ourselves or less about those around us.

Rebecca L. Craven, "The Dignity and Demeanor of Discipleship", BYU Speeches, October 19, 2021

The attack on the family is real. We may not fully experience that attack now, but we will eventually. And, this attack is subtle. It's not obvious so that we can defend against it. It is happening under our very least my nose anyway.

The most important thing we can be doing is to be learning and knowing who we truly are. We are daughters and sons of Heavenly Parents. Let that sink in for a minute. Heavenly Father is our Father. And, we are therefore blessed with divine attributes. But those will take finding and applying and refining.

We are also, for many of us, responsible to teach and guide other children of God, so that they, too, learn of who they really are. Whether we are parents, coaches, youth leaders, teachers, etc., we have a divine responsibility. Heavenly Father is relying on us to lead and teach....explicitly and also by example.

We cannot be swayed by the fads or opinions of the world. We have to hold strong to those ideals and beliefs that are divinely created and established. Family structure is one of those.

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