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October 27, 2020 - Be an example of light

As the world speaks less of Jesus Christ, let us speak more of Him. As our true colors as His disciples are revealed, many around us will be prepared to listen. As we share the light we have received from Him, His light and His transcendent saving power will shine on those willing to open their hearts. Jesus said, 'I … come [as] a light into the world.'

Elder Neil L. Andersen, "We Talk of Christ", General Conference, October 2020

A huge focus of mine in the later years in my life has been to better myself, become more Christ like, and be an example to others, especially my children. Granted, I'm not the best example of righteousness, but I want to be.

We are at a time where the world, especially in the society we're in, needs those who "want" to be good examples of righteousness. Society needs those who will carry the torch, the light, however dim or bright that light is.

My light may not be that bright, but others need to see it. I am trying not to hide it under a bushel. The best way that I know how to share that light, and therefore brighten it, is by living as Christ would live, or, at least trying to. And He did nothing but serve others. His example alone is making others better, including me, not to mention His innumerable acts of love and compassion.

This world needs that light desperately. Others may be praying for that light, and we very well could be Heavenly Father's angels to help answer those prayers.

Always be prepared; to help your family, to help your friends, to help your neighbors, to help your coworkers, to help a stranger.

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