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October 26, 2021 - Now

So often we feel we are the only ones who have ever been tried or tempted. We forget that Christ himself was tempted and that so were his apostles and prophets. Peter's life shows the developing faith of a magnificent soul, including his progressive ability to face and resolve difficult problems. His story is an important reminder that our whole life is what counts, that God's 'grace is sufficient for the meek,' and that he does 'make weak things become strong.'

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, “However Long and Hard the Road”

Elder Holland says something in this quote that stands out to me. Of course, it is something that I know in my heart, but being reminded by an Apostle of Jesus Christ, it really hits home. Especially given the mistakes and mortal follies that seem to surround me, or as Nephi says, I am "encompassed about".

Elder Holland says that our "whole life is what counts".

It's not the mistakes I made yesterday, or last week, or last year, or even 10 years ago that define me. It's what I do today, what I do right now and going forward that matters.

Sure, I will make mistakes again and fall down. But then I get up. I will fall again. But then I will get up again. I will keep getting up when I fall. I have to. That's the reason for this keep getting up, dust myself off, figure out why I fell, and try to avoid that next time. Chances are, I will not avoid that same mistake right away at first, but eventually I will as I keep trying.

It's crazy to think that Christ KNOWS how I feel when I fall. He never fell, but He knows what I am going through. What is also astonishing to me is that I have, maybe, 1-2, or more, evil spirits trying to make me fall at any given time. Christ had every single one of Satan's minions, and Satan himself, trying to make Him fall.

Think about that for a second. I fall because of a handful, He NEVER fell even with billions and billions.

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