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October 26, 2020 - Magnetic pull

Metaphorically speaking, yielding to temptation is like approaching a magnet with a metal object. The magnet’s invisible force attracts the metal object and holds it tightly. The magnet loses its power over it only when the metal object is placed far from it. Therefore, just as the magnet is unable to exercise power over a faraway metal object, as we resist temptation, it fades away and loses its power over our mind and heart and, consequently, over our actions.

Elder Ulisses Soares, "Seek Christ in Every Thought", General Conference, October 2020

Temptation is not only limited to what we have to confess to a priesthood authority in order to repent, to change. When I was growing up, temptation usually equalled serious. That was my mindset. Not so... temptation can be as simple as giving in to a piece of pie (or three), or watching a show that has a little bit of bad language, or letting a minor thought about ourselves or others play around in the forefront of the mind. It starts small and it's not always a bad thing at first.

Temptation is not serious, until it is.

All temptations start small, usually in the mind, and then work their way in until they grasp us and then, like a powerful magnetic attraction, they hold on tightly.

Trick is, to kick those temptations out while they are minor and simple, before they get big and harder to pull out.

But... because of the Atonement of Christ, we can easily (well, easily for Him) break these magnetic pulls, however strong, and get as far away so that there is no magnetic attraction at all. Even serious struggles, serious magnetic pulls, are no match for His power to break them.

That is why we're here. To learn to rely on the Atonement and remove ourselves far away from that one thing. And then, we do it again for that other thing. Then the other thing. Over and over until there are no more things to get away from.

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