October 22, 2021 - Make It Stick

Your actions reveal how badly you want something. If you keep saying something is a priority but you never act on it, then you don’t really want it. It’s time to have an honest conversation with yourself. Your actions reveal your true motivations.

James Clear, "Atomic Habits", Penguin Random House, October 2019

I know I've been thinking, and therefore posting a lot about James Clear's Atomic Habits, but that's because I've been studying it pretty adamantly.

I've been needing to make changes in my life and I've never really been able to make those changes permanent, to make them stick. I don't yet understand completely why that is a struggle of mine. But this book has opened my eyes a lot to the "science" behind effective life changes. Then, of course, there's the faith side of effective life changes too, that I must incorporate. But, in reality, isn't everything faith based as there's only one truth to life?

Part of my problem is that I want to see results quickly, sometimes overnight. But real, lasting change isn't a "one and done" scenario. It's a process. Sometimes a very long process.

So I've been having those honest conversations with myself about what truly matters; to me personally, to my family, and to my faith. What do I REALLY want? It that enough to endure the temporary frustrations of not seeing the results right away? Is it enough to sacrifice and forego what I want in the moment?

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