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October 22, 2020 - Relationships

We are not expected to find or walk the covenant path alone. We need love and support from parents, other family members, friends, and leaders who are also walking the path. These kinds of relationships take time. Time to be together. Time to laugh, play, learn, and serve together. Time to appreciate each other’s interests and challenges. Time to be open and honest with each other as we strive to be better together. These relationships are one of the primary purposes of gathering as families, quorums, classes, and congregations.

Elder Douglas D. Holmes, "Deep in our Heart", General Conference, April 2020

As I get older, I don't know if it's my age, and therefore supposed wisdom, or if it's this disease that is causing me to realize the importance of relationships if my life.

The most important thing in this life and eternity, for that matter, is who is by your side. Quality matters, quantity is superficial. Whether that relationship be with Heavenly Father or Christ (which should be the top priority), or family, or friends, or ward members, or neighbors, or co-workers, or anyone we meet along the path, even for a second. These relationships need to be treasured, sought after, nourished, and strengthened.

As I go through life, I am learning that life is less about me and more about everyone around me. Granted, I'm still learning. 😁

So, I try to learn at least one thing from anyone I talk to in life....and then remember that one thing. Even if it's just a name. People want to know that you generally care. Then they will respond in kind, for the most part. Then a relationship is formed until it becomes unbreakable.

As we travel this path, we absolutely cannot do it alone. Afterall, the beauty and success in life comes from working together. It's all around us, in nature, in good society, in the gospel. That is how God intended it.

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