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October 19, 2021 - Pay Attention

Whether you are diligently moving along the covenant path, have slipped or stepped from the covenant path, or can’t even see the path from where you are now, I plead with you to repent. Experience the strengthening power of daily repentance—of doing and being a little better each day.

President Russell M. Nelson, "We Can Do Better and Be Better", General Conference, April 2019

The word "plead" caught my attention when I read this address again. To me, plead means to beg; and as Webster says, to earnestly appeal.

The prophet of the Lord, even the Lord Himself, is earnestly appealing that we change any imperfections in our lives and be better each and every day. Just be better. I need to be better. The Lord has the power and ability to help me if I show forth the effort and willingness. There is a reason he is saying this.

Return and report needs to be my daily ritual in my prayers. I need to be diligent and pay attention to my daily progress in all things. I need to be better self aware and not go through life oblivious and nonchalant. Sometimes I do that in life... I just want to get through my day and I don't consciously and explicitly do the things that will make me better. And I don't pay attention to those things I didn't do very well that day unless those things are big and memorable.

It's the small things, positive or negative, that I need to cognizant of. The positive things, like my blessings, I need to count and appreciate, and express that appreciation. Then lean on the power of the Atonement. The negative things I need to commit to making a little better each day, and that starts with repentance. Then lean on the power of the Atonement.

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