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October 18, 2020 - Plants need the roots

Nevertheless, when secularization separates personal and civic virtue from a sense of accountability to God, it cuts the plant from its roots. Reliance on culture and tradition alone will not be sufficient to sustain virtue in society. When one has no higher god than himself and seeks no greater good than satisfying his own appetites and preferences, the effects will be manifest in due course.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, "Sustainable Societies", General Conference, October 2020

Everyone is born with the Light of Christ. It baffles me that anyone can think the morals and ethics can come from anything but that Light. Evolution, for example, says that we came from another, unintelligent, species?? One, it's not possible to observe so evolution cannot be proven. Two, where did our intelligence come from since no other species had such intelligence in the first place?

I try to put myself in the mindset of non-believers and I cannot fathom that, in general, being a genuinely good person comes out of thin air. It had to originate from somewhere. It is not just developed over time. A sense of right and wrong came from somewhere.

Now, with that said, rhetorically, you can't pull the plant of society from the roots of the intelligence of God, as Elder Christofferson says, and expect it to keep on living. It will not survive. Society will not survive without the intelligence of God. And that intelligence includes the divinely appointed system He established, namely families and religion.

Not coincidentally those two systems are exactly what Satan is attacking and trying to dissolve altogether. So, let's stay close to our kids and loved ones. And let's stay close to God and Christ.

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