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October 14, 2021 - Follow the Prophet

We live in a time when we are “tossed to and fro,” when spirituality, decency, integrity, and respect are under attack. We have to make choices. We have the voice of the Lord through His prophet to calm our fears and lift our sights, for when President Nelson speaks, he speaks for the Lord.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband, "The Things of My Soul", General Conference, October 2021

When I hear President Nelson speak, I don't hear him as a mortal man, I hear him as a mouthpiece, speaking for the Lord, directly. He is passing to us directly what the Lord wants to say to us. It's as if the Lord Himself is standing at the podium. One day He will.

For that reason, I follow the prophet. I don't follow him as a mortal man, which he is. I follow him as if Christ Himself is leading us, which He is. I follow him because I would follow Christ if He stood in front....and He is, we just can't see Him.

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