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October 14, 2020 - How we see ourselves

Those of us who are brave might consider asking a trusted family member, spouse, friend, or spiritual leader what attribute of Jesus Christ we are in need of—and we may need to brace ourselves for the response! Sometimes we see ourselves with distorted fun-house mirrors that show us either much more round or much more lean than we really are.

Elder Scott D. Whiting, "Becoming Like Him", General Conference, October 2020

We are always harder on ourselves than others are, at least I am. I see myself with many, many things to work on, even my fitness level and, subsequently, my physical appearance. I'm not sure how others see me but, in my mind, it's a less than flattering picture, especially physically. Working on it definitely keeps me busy. 😁

Not that my self image is poor, but I'm self aware enough to know I've got work to do. One thing to note is that Heavenly Father sees us as what we can be, our potential, not how we are right now. Something I'm also working on.

But...we can't expect results, positive results, overnight. It's funny....negative results seem instantaneous, but positive results take time, sometimes a lot of time. Definitely little by little, line upon line.

So, as what my thought yesterday was on, we need to pick one thing to improve so as not to overwhelm us. I've noticed that when my mind gets focused more on Christ, my determination on physical changes too gets stronger.

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