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October 13, 2021 - Ask, Study, Act

I testify that the Lord hears and answers our prayers; He knows us; He has a great work for each one of us. Through prayer, scripture study, and action, we can unlock the blessings of heaven and become better followers of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Ciro Schmeil, "Faith to Act and Become", General Conference, October 2021

I've talked about this before...sometimes I am waiting for that grand miracle, or for those huge blessings, or for Heavenly Father to speak to me in a manner that I audibly hear Him when I seek answers to prayers.

But that's not how He works at all. Sure, He does occasionally when it's warranted, that is, when He deems it to be warranted. But...most of the time...He speaks quietly to see if we will bend our ear to hear Him. He speaks to us through feelings to see if we will put aside our own agendas and pay attention. He speaks to us through the scriptures to see if we will, not only read them regularly, but pay attention to them and not just breeze through them because reading them is some goal we need to keep.

I've always thought that it is better to read a sentence each day, pondering it, understanding each word, why it is there, what Heavenly Father wants me to know...then it is to hit some goal in a certain amount of time. Although it is good to read the scriptures regardless... it profits us so much more to feast upon each word and truly listen.

Asking, studying, and then acting is the formula to succeed in this life. And I mean succeed in our journey back to Heavenly Father, not how much money or fame or prestige we receive on this earth.

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