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October 11, 2021 - To Church

If we cease valuing our churches for any reason, we threaten our personal spiritual life, and significant numbers separating themselves from God reduce His blessings to our nations.

President Dallin H. Oaks, "The Need for a Church", General Conference, October 2021

I tend to go to church service with the mindset of "what can I get out of this service today?"

This talk was an eye opener for me. I've always been preoccupied with what "I" need to do to be better. I never really thought about what I can do to help "another" be better.

I try to keep the commandments. I try to pay tithing. I try to fast. I try to go to church. But I never thought deeply about the reasoning why. Sure, Heavenly Father wants "me" to be better. But, wouldn't helping someone else be better make me better in the process?

Anyway, when I go to church, I need to think less about what I can learn and more about helping another learn. As this talk references, I need to be more active and less passive.

It's all about mindset.

That's one way to better our community, better our city, and better our nation....not to forget better ourselves in the process.

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