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October 11, 2020 - Keep Walking

My beloved brothers and sisters, Christianity is comforting, but it is often not comfortable. The path to holiness and happiness here and hereafter is a long and sometimes rocky one. It takes time and tenacity to walk it. But, of course, the reward for doing so is monumental.

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "Waiting on the Lord", General Conference, October 2020

Every single one of us is given something. Whether that be physical challenges, financial challenges, mental challenges, spiritual challenges, or a combination of the above. We all go through challenges. And nobody knows exactly what we each go through.....except One.

Sometimes, what we endure, requires a short walk, but at an increased pace. Sometimes it requires a long walk at a brisk pace. And sometimes, what we endure, requires a life long walk at a steady pace.

Point is, we can't compare what we endure with what somebody else endures. We can't say their challenge is not as hard as mine. Or vice versa. Each challenge is suited to exactly what we need, the lesson we need to learn. Again, that could be of a shorter duration or for the rest of our lives.

But, either way, the reward is monumental....and it is personalized. Keep walking.

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