October 1, 2020 - One with Christ

"What seek ye?” I believe that somewhere in the many ways we answer that question throughout our lives is a constant ardent desire to “be Jesus,” not to just be like Him, to soak ourselves so fully in His life, thoughts, teachings, and attributes that we—as He invited us to do during His ministry—become one with Him as He is with the Father.

S. Michael Wilcox, "What Seek Ye?", Deseret Book, 2020

I think about the relationship of Heavenly Father and Christ, and I just can't quite completely fathom how they are one. One in purpose. Meaning, they want the same, act the same, have the same character traits....yet, they are two completely separate individuals with their own personalities. I like to think that one perfect person can have different gifts, like humor, than another perfect person.

Our goal, in our relationship with our spouse, in our relationship with the church and gospel, and our relationship with Christ, is to be "one". Not that everything about us needs to be the same, like these socialist yahoos preach, but our desires and attributes do and will be eventually. Which is the epitome of what perfection is. There is only one perfection, only one ultimate level and when we reach that level, everything about us is aligned with truth. Our perspective is equal. Our desires are equal. Our wills are equal. But our individualism is not equal. It doesn't have to be, and shouldn't be.

The ultimate goal isn't to be Jesus, as if trying to erase His individualism, which, again, is exactly what socialism does. But our goal is to be the same in purpose and attributes, but not so in personality and individualism.

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