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November 8, 2020 - Shine Brightly

At Christmastime, for instance, we celebrate a special star that announced Jesus’ birth at Bethlehem. Thus, the so-called “little star of Bethlehem” was actually very large in its declaration of divine design! It had to have been placed in its precise orbit long, long before it shone so precisely! Persuasive divine design is underscored in what the Lord has said: “All things must come to pass in their time” (D&C 64:32). His overseeing precision pertains not only to astrophysical orbits but to human orbits as well. This is such a stunning thing for us to contemplate as to our obligations to “shine as lights” within our own orbits and personal responsibilities!

Elder Neil A. Maxwell, "In Him All Things Hold Together", BYU Speeches, March 31, 1991

Think about this for a second. The Star of Bethlehem didn't just magically appear in the sky. Meaning, Heavenly Father didn't just snap His fingers and there it was. He could have done it that way, but He resides in a systematic set of processes and laws. Eternal laws that define what perfection is. Define who He is!

No, He planned a long while in advance for that star to shine at that exact moment when Christ was born to Mary. He placed that star in orbit eons before and planned precisely when it would orbit around and appear in the very sky above the wisemen on that very night, at that very moment.

Heavenly Father knows the combination and confluence of all events that must and will take place before something happens. He knows not only of the sinergistic effect when two unseemingly ordinary orbits align but He knows when they'll align. He knows where I'll be physically at the exact moment when something exciting and magnificent happens in nature, for example. And, that something that will happen in nature, He got the process started eons earlier. Think of Noah and the Great Flood. He didn't just snap His fingers.

So, my point is that the Lord knows every orbit in our lives and the lives of others, and the orbit of every circumstance and event, good or challenging. And these orbits were put into play eons ago. He knows that when all or many of those orbits align, at that precise moment, that is the moment that we will shine brightly in the sky.

So, just because something happens to us, however difficult, it does not mean our own orbit has been thrown off course. It means that something else is circling around to align with our orbit and, when it does, oh the splendor of how brightly we will shine. How amazing and awe inspiring that moment will be. And others will see it and that brightness will influence all that witness it.

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