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November 6, 2021 - Better Aim

It is now time that we each implement extraordinary measures—perhaps measures we have never taken before—to strengthen our personal spiritual foundations. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

President Russell M. Nelson, "The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation", General Conference, October 2021

If you define the word "extraordinary"...sure, it means going beyond the ordinary, the normal, and the usual. But it also means..."highly exceptional; remarkable".

Highly exceptional? Remarkable?

That's sounds difficult. That sounds like a lot of effort. 😁

Well....that's exactly what is needed now, at this time on earth. We don't necessarily need to work harder but our focus needs to be adjusted to focus more on eternal things in this phase of life. We need to be more cognizant and intentional in our focus on the Savior. I say "we", but I'm the one that really needs to shift my focus and strengthen my spiritual foundation.

Unprecedented action is what I need to now. Something that I really haven't done before. Not something in terms of a different action but in terms of doubling my efforts in the actions that I try to do now. Again, not working harder but putting forth the effort to be more sincere, more intentional, and more focused.

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