November 5, 2021 - Water of Life

God loves us as we are, but He also loves us too much to leave us this way. Growing up unto the Lord is what mortality is all about. Change is what Christ’s Atonement is all about. Not only can Christ resurrect, cleanse, console, and heal us, but through it all, He can transform us to become more like Him.

Bradley R. Wilcox, "Worthiness Is Not Flawlessness", General Conference, October 2021

I love this address by Brad Wilcox. Too many times, frustration and discouragement set in because we think we are unworthy or weak or not trying hard enough to overcome some mortal weakness. I know I do. I am very hard on myself for not reaching the potential I know I have. I know I shouldn't, I know I don't have to be....but I do and I am. Something I've been working on for years.

This gospel, this entire Plan of Salvation or Plan of Happiness, is absolutely not about being perfect in something for some arbitrary amount of time before we are considered worthy to participate fully or receive the blessings our Father has for us.

We are not required to run a certain length in this race of life without falling down before we get to drink some water.

Heavenly Father doesn't work that way.

Whether or not we have fallen down, whether or not we keep falling down, and if all we can do is army crawl while we are down, it does not matter to Heavenly Father. The only thing that matters to Him is that we are honestly trying to move forward.

He will not withhold blessings and support until we have proven that we can go a ways before falling. He will not.

His Son, Jesus Christ, will strengthen us, He will lift us, He will support us so we don't fall, and He will carry us if need be. But He will race with us...each step, and each slow step, of the race. Giving us water, wherever we are in that race.

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