November 29, 2021 - Be Ready

What is the matter with the world today? What has created this change that we see coming over the world? Why these terrible earthquakes, tornadoes, and judgments? What is the meaning of all these mighty events that are taking place? The meaning is, these angels that have been held for many years in the temple of our God have got their liberty to go out and commence their mission and their work in the earth, and they are here today in the earth.

President Wilford Woodruff, “The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff” by G. Homer Durham

As we look back on events and happenings on the earth today, we will see the increased frequency over the years of natural disasters, or of social unrest, or of political corruption, or of violence.

We know, as members of the church, why these things are increasing in frequency. The Savior is close to coming again to this earth and reigning as Lord of Lords. He is close.

The thing is, we won't know when the time will be. All we can do is prepare and act as if today is the day. Because it could be. It could also be tomorrow. It could also be next week, or next year or in 10 years now. Things still have to happen first.... but be ready. I implore ready. I am working to be ready. And, even though it's not easy, we have help and support. We can choose to be ready even though "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak".

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