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November 27, 2021 - One or the Other

If we really understood that we could not obtain happiness by walking in the paths of sin and breaking the laws of God, we should then see the folly of it, every man and every woman would see that to obtain happiness we should go to work and perform the works of righteousness, and do the will of our Father in heaven, for we shall receive at his hand all the happiness, blessing, glory, salvation, exaltation, and eternal lives, that we ever do receive either in time or eternity.

President Wilford Woodruff, "The Discourses of Wilford Woodruff" by G. Homer Durham

To me, this boils down to a true understanding of what we can discover in God's words. He's told us already but do we hear Him or even know what He's said? If we truly understand that there's good and there's evil, and if we truly understand where each of us stands in that dichotomy,...and, if we truly understand how we get closer to the one or the other, then we wouldn't seem so cavalier and nonchalant about each and every day in this life.

If we know, for example, that as we float down a river, that there's a fork coming up, and if we choose one path, then there's a certain waterfall with a huge drop off, which will result in certain death, but the river to that point is calm and easy. But if we choose the other way, there will be extreme rapids to navigate almost immediately and twists and turns. One way is easy but results in death, the other is hard but results in life. Which direction would we go? A decision must be made or we are forced down the waterfall route. We wouldn't seem so casual, especially if we were on the other side to the rapids route.

Point is, we have to start paddling to the rapids route now or we will likely miss it. We can't afford to just float and enjoy the "not needing to put in the work". I don't truly understand yet the final rewards at the end of either route but I know one way is utter happiness and joy, the other is regret and sorrow.....eternally. But now is when we decide which one we want.

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