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November 27, 2020 - KISS Method

Sometimes we speak almost casually about walking away from the world with its contention, pervasive temptations, and false philosophies. But truly doing so requires you to examine your life meticulously and regularly. As you do so, the Holy Ghost will prompt you about what is no longer needful, what is no longer worthy of your time and energy.

President Russell M. Nelson, "Spiritual Treasures", General Conference, October 2019

When I read this, I thought of the KISS method. You know, Keep It Simple Stup...uh, less intelligent one. 😁

Not only do I need to simplify my physical, temporal life, and everything I tend to hoard. But I also need to simplify my spiritual life. Not necessarily get rid of the books I have that contain knowledge, the knowledge of the truth...but simplify the way in which I learn that knowledge. I have good intentions about filling my mind with knowledge, in the which there is nothing wrong with that. But I tend to hurry and try to gain that knowledge quickly. Usually in so doing, I focus more on quantity instead of quality.

John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach, said to "be quick but don't hurry". That has stuck with me. Mosiah 4:27 says everything should be done in wisdom and order. To me that means simplify. I can't or shouldn't get overwhelmed by taking too much on and doing too much of one thing only.

There needs to be simple balance in my life. I need to focus on doing the right thing, the best thing, even if that is just one thing at a time (should be anyway). And not focus on doing a lot of the "good" things at once, if that make sense. Point is, I don't need to overwhelm myself with many to-do's that aren't as important. There are, of course, to-do's that can't be avoided. But, I need to simplify where possible and only do the best thing for me where I can.

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