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November 25, 2021 - Now and Then

If you look back into the history of the world, from Adam and Eve about 6,000 years ago until now, you will see not much happening in terms of inventions and innovations until the last 1,000 years, and even then, those inventions and innovations didn't accelerate until the last 150 years or so. That is, I'm sure there were things to make life easier (especially that God had shown them) in those first 5,000 years that just weren't documented because we were learning how to live on this earth, like the invention of fire, etc.

Side note - I wonder if there's a correlation between the speed of life and the expectancy of life? Those first several thousand of years persons lived for hundreds of years, yet life, in terms of simplifying tasks, hasn't evolved much during that time. Food for thought.

Anyway, the speed at which inventions and innovations to simplify our lives has accelerated on an exponential scale in the last 150 or so years is incredible, like electricity and the light bulb. And that's also when the Church of Jesus Christ was restored (well, the church was restored before 150 years, but within that general time frame within the history of the world). Coincidence?

I also wonder at what point will that speed of invention and innovation get to before the Savior comes again.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I am thankful you're in my life!

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