November 25, 2020 - Fear Not!

We live in challenging times. Day-to-day stresses and uncertainty, as well as wickedness, are all around us. As a result, Church leaders have noticed an alarming increase in the amount of anxiety experienced among young people.
Whatever the uncertainties about the causes of anxiety, we who have the restored gospel of Jesus Christ understand that the most reliable prevention of anxiety in eternal terms is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

President Dallin H. Oaks, "Strength and Guidance for Anxious Times", New Era, October 2020

Anxiety doesn't just affect youth. I worry about the unknown, especially for our future. I stress over responsibilities and to-do's. I fear for my family, my children, and their children, and pray that they will always stay close to the Lord, during these tumultuous and often violent times. Then I worry about how worse that will all get before the Lord comes again.

It's natural to worry. I think the accessibility of any information, true or false, that we can get from a device in our hands hasn't helped this worry either. Then there are those that cry "the sky is falling", or absurd scare tactics like that.

Two thoughts come to mind:

1. If we are prepared, we don't need to fear or worry. And that means preparing spiritually and not just physically or temporally. Read D&C 38:30.

2. All we can do is focus on ourselves and our loved ones. Focus on preparing ourselves spiritually and then temporally. Focus on helping loved ones prepare too. Then focus also on our neighbors and help them (not just next door neighbors but our fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord).

I'm trying to turn my worry and stress over to the Lord. I'm working on my relationship with Him and letting go of the things I have no control over. I'm trusting Him more and more. I'm leaving, or trying to, all things in His hands. Things will happen, that's this life. But I'm leaning more on the Lord in how I react to those things that happen.

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