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November 21, 2020 - I will lead you along

If you endure to the end, you'll be blessed. It might be hard today, and tomorrow, and next month, but it will not always be hard. You can do this as you exercise your faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement. There will sometimes be adversity and trials that come to us, that almost seem like they're too hard to bear, but then He says, "nevertheless, be of good cheer, for I will lead you along". That's a promise from the Lord.

Elder Gary E. Stevenson, "No Blessings Denied the Faithful" video.

When Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, thorns and thistles were introduced. These thorns and thistles are everywhere along this road we are traveling. Sometimes you can see spots of the bare road so you can avoid those thorns. But sometimes you have no choice but to walk through them.

The difference in that journey is what is covering, or not covering, our feet and legs as we walk. Are we booted up with steel toe boots, covering up to our knees? Or, are we barefoot?

The journey may be intense through the thorns, slashing at our legs, scratching us, even making us bleed, especially if we don't have the right protection on our feet and lower legs. But, we know how to get that protection. We just need to do it.

How much easier would that journey be with those boots?

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