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November 2, 2021 - Start Now

Whether our spiritual wounds are self-inflicted or the result of trials and afflictions beyond our control, our opportunity is to become better rather than bitter.

John Bytheway, "Moroni's Guide to Surviving Turbulent Times"

I like how he uses the word "opportunity" here. He could've used "responsibility", "obligation", or even "duty". But he uses opportunity, implying that we have a choice. And, we do.

We can choose to be bitter. We can choose to complain, to be negative, and to be spiteful. We can choose to hate our circumstances, our situation, even ourselves. We have that right to choose.

But will doing any of that improve our circumstances or our situation?

No....if anything, it'll just make life continue downhill, the wrong direction, and then it becomes worse.

We also have the right to choose to become better. It may not be a complete 180 overnight. It may be a slow and painful process.

But, it has to be intentional.

When we choose to become better, we choose to walk with the Lord. Or, rather, He walks with us because we're a lot further behind than He is. At least I am. He needs to turn around and come quite a ways back for me. 😁

But the point is, let's all make the choice to be better. Let's take advantage of that "opportunity". It does NOT matter where we are. It only matters that we turn around and want to head the right direction. It may take a bit to actually start moving. But, with the Lord, we can move, and move quite easily as we pick up speed.

We can't start over and make a new beginning. But we can start now and make a new ending!! (attributed to somebody else)

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