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November 18, 2021 - Light the World

Jesus Christ is the light of the world... Those who follow Him live with light, joy and hope —even in dark times (John 8:12). As we remember His birth this Christmas season, let us also remember His exemplary life and the things He taught us.

Marcus B. Nash, Church News, 2021 Light the World Christmas iniative, November 18, 2021

Christmas is becoming more and more secular, money hungry, and opportunistic with each passing year. It's not about Christ anymore. It's become very" worldly", if I can use that phrase.

I often hear others say that Christmas brings a certain feeling, a certain peace. Why do we think that is? Why are others so inspired to "help" another by donating or serving?

I dare say that if others would help each other by donating and serving the other 11 months of the year, the world would like it's Christmas all year.

It's not the time of the season that matters and changes us for better, it's who we remember during this season that matters and changes us for better.

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