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November 15, 2021 - Perspective

We all have different intercepts in life—we start in different places with different life endowments. Some are born with high intercepts, full of opportunity. Others face beginning circumstances that are challenging and seem unfair. We then progress along a slope of personal progress. Our future will be determined far less by our starting point and much more by our slope. Jesus Christ sees divine potential no matter where we start.

Clark G. Gilbert, "Becoming More in Christ: The Parable of the Slope", General Conference, October 2021

The thing about perspectives is that we can never truly understand the perspective of someone else because that is not our perspective. We may "think" we know, we may guess or assume. We may understand, we may relate, we may even have empathy, but we will not really know.

For example, my perspective in life may make my life appear to be better off or worse off in someone else's perspective. But do we really know? All we can see is what's visible. Someone may be a millionaire in one aspect of life (the visible) but may be bankrupt in every other aspect of life (the invisible). But, to us, that person is doing very well based on what we see.

My point is that we can never judge a person based on what is visible. We all are at different points along this path of life, maybe because of our own decisions or maybe because of no choice of ours at all. Like this quote says, what matters to the Lord is which direction we are facing, where we are headed, not where we start....and, I might add, what also matters is who we help face the correct way and begin to move forward along.

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