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November 14, 2021 - Defend Right

We have always had to work through serious political conflicts, but today too many approach that task as if their preferred outcome must entirely prevail over all others, even in our pluralistic society. We need to work for a better way — a way to resolve differences without compromising core values. We need to live together in peace and mutual respect, within our defined constitutional rights.

President Dallin H. Oaks, University of Virginia address to various religious leaders and organizations, November 12, 2021

It seems to be a fine line between operating within the law while also defending the Constitution of the United States when those laws reach beyond God's established designs and into man's agendas.

Our first objective, at least for me, is to completely understand the Constitution and what it protects in the first place. It must be studied. And since it was inspired by God, He will be there to help me know and understand it.

I need to remember, too, that the Constitution and our freedoms do not exist just to protect me and my loved ones, or even just those that want to protect it. It is there to protect every single one of or white, left or right, religious or non-religious, male or female.

Since the Constitution is for everyone, I need to treat everyone with love and respect. Even those that are actively trying to harm or destroy it. I need to remember that it will not be completely destroyed. It will "hang by a thread"

So, my job is to defend what is right...what God deems to be right. And I need to defend my family and loved ones. That's what I can do.

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