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November 13, 2020 - Like I know the sun will rise tomorrow

In order for us to be strong and to withstand all the forces pulling us in the wrong direction or all the voices encouraging us to take the wrong path, we must have our own testimony. Whether you are 12 or 112—or anywhere in between—you can know for yourself that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true.

President Thomas S. Monson, "Dare to Stand Alone", General Conference, October 2011

I have a testimony of this gospel and of this church which bears the name of Jesus Christ. I have a testimony of every resource that our Father has given us to walk this path. Example, the Book of Mormon. That book is indeed the most correct book on this earth. And we will definitely get closer to God by abiding by it's precepts. The old adage, "when you want to talk to God - pray; when you want God to talk to you - read the scriptures"! Reading the Book of Mormon, God will talk to you. Hear Him.

I don't recall one exact moment in my life where God told me through the Holy Ghost that this is the truth. It's a feeling that I've always had. I have never doubted. It's like the Holy Ghost is constantly and consistently bearing witness to me. I just know. I may not have always followed the truth, but I have never doubted or lost my testimony.

In the last many years, I really started to pay attention again. My testimony has grown tremendously. I have indeed increased in favor with God. I have a long road ahead, but I have resources and support in the journey that I wouldn't have otherwise.

I know Heavenly Father lives. I know Jesus Christ lives. I know He sacrificed for me which affords me the opportunity to get better. I know the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon are the word of God, guiding me along the correct path of truth. I know Russell M. Nelson is the mouthpiece of God on earth today. And following him is the only way through this chaos. I'm not saying that I'm always upright on this path. I still fall but then I get up and move again. Never stop moving forward, however slow, is the key.

I know this is all true, independent of myself, just as I know the sun will rise tomorrow. Or that a burning wood stove is hot. Or that jumping off of a cliff will hurt. I don't need proof. To me, this isn't a belief....this is fact!

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