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November 10, 2021 - Spiritual Aha

Information brings inspiration. You have to collect information and then you are in a position to receive revelation when you connect to the Spirit.

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Planning Committee meeting, November 10, 2021

Sometimes I just sit back and expect inspiration to hit me in my chair. It doesn't work that way and I know this. Even if I pray, read, and live how I should, revelation will not come unless I learn.

Even if I read, if I'm not reading to gain knowledge, then Heavenly Father can't work how He needs to. I shouldn't say "can't" because He can do anything. Rather, I say He's bound. Just like He's bound to give blessings, He is also bound to withhold them.

Now it's like this in most cases. There are times that we get inspired and guided and we don't do anything or perform any work to get that revelation. It is all up to Heavenly Father and His will and timing.

But, there is a connection between learning about God, about His Christ, and about the gospel.... and then the inspiration we feel. It's all interconnected. That's why we hear that our Father speaks to us when we study scriptures. Not so much when we read them just to fulfill a goal or responsibility, but when we "feast" on those words, internalize them, and learn. When we have those spiritual "aha" moments is when our Father is speaking to us.

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