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November 1, 2021 - Think About It

No one can act wisely in the details of life, if the greater purpose of life is still unknown to him.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, sometime in the first century A. D.

I often wonder to myself how much I truly know about the purpose of this life. I understand the Plan of Salvation. I understand the gospel... I'm not a scriptorian but I understand the basic tenets. I am extremely blessed to have been born into this gospel and to have a little understanding as to why I am here.

But do I really understand the purpose of this life? I mean intimately understand why I am here and why everyone else is here too. Not on a superficial, awareness type of level, but a deep philosophical level of existence. And do I take that knowledge and this life for granted?

Because I think if I absolutely knew my purpose here, I wouldn't give in to the temptations that surround me. I say that, but part of this mortal life is to have those temptations so we can overcome them, to lift ourselves above them. So, maybe, it's rather that the more I know about why I am here, the less I give into those mortal tendencies. I think we have to fall down so we know how to get back up.

I feel the Spirit inspiring (or rather chastening) me right now as I type this to buckle down and learn more about the Plan of Salvation. Because no matter how much I think I know already, my knowledge is far from perfect. And the closer to a perfect knowledge I get, the more I will understand the purpose of this life. So study is the key. Study. Learn. Believe. Understand. Know. In that order. And it all starts with Study.

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